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Divvorce – Vanessa (A Dreamer) [EP]

Nowadays, it's fairly easy for anyone to wake up one morning and decide they want to start their own record label. While we've seen a pattern with the rise of independent/ white-labels, good music that strains unique character is still hard to come across. An exception is Brooklyn based label, Fifth Wall, which has shown us the many ways a "young" label can quickly work up the ranks and establish itself as a rising innovator apart from common imitators. Divvorce, the mind behind Vanessa (A Dreamer) and the co-head of the imprint, hands over the label's ninth release that also includes remixes from label comrades Unklone and Physical Therapy.

An assemblage of two original tracks that pursue an individual and singular sound, "Wander 7" has a wheezing breath that discharges robotic tones over a haunting deep-end of house preparations. Hostile and wintry, "Roquentin's Release" mirrors one of Jean-Paul Sartre's most famous protagonists—Antonie Roquentin—from his first novel, Nausea.  And for anyone who's studied a handful of French Existentialism like myself, you'll note how the parallels to Roquentin's complexions are thrilling and spot-on . Physical Therapy's rendition of "Roquentin's Release" works an equally contemplative tone with a cosmic atmosphere full of suspense and intensity. With Unklone's remix of "Anny", reincarnation to a higher-state is possible. A steady flow of airy sounds over the hauling kicks is an extraordinary techno experience worth this EP's listen alone.

 Be sure you check out the rest of the label's catalog and keep an eye out for more gems in the upcoming year.



Vanessa (A Dreamer)

  • Fifth Wall
  • 2013-12-03

Alesia’s ‘Andrea’ EP Is Warehouse-Ready

If badass, creepy techno-electro garage music is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to right place. French duo Alesia (whom you may remember from the track Bird Machine with DJ Snake) released a five-track EP on OWSLA this week. Following suit with many of the recent releases on the label, Andrea is extremely dark and unforgiving in the best ways possible.

Alesia’s Facebook Page says, “We Make Music, Fuck a Genre.” This mentality shines through the many different sounds and influences on the EP, creating a surreal, dark, warehouse-ready collection of tracks.

AlesiaEPLessThan3 Alesias Andrea EP Is Warehouse Ready

A favorite on the EP is the industrial-sounding track with eerie vocal cuts, aptly named Industriae. The track is perfectly described on OWSLA’s The Nest as causing the listener to be “transported somewhere deep underground to an Industrial darkness characterized by thick, rolling bassline rips.” The title track, Andrea, is another standout from the EP with it’s hyperactive metallic sounds and mix of creepy, repetitive lyrics. Alongside the track is a perfectly suitable music video (below) that helps to solidify the dark and creepy tones of the song.

Andrea has been seeing a good amount of festival support from the likes of Dog Blood and is sure to show up in more and more sets. The EP is currently available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes.

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Interview: Christian Smith

LessThan3: Let’s start with a formal introduction to your longstanding label, Tronic. How old were you at the time of its inception?
Christian: I was 21 years old when I started the label.
LessThan3: How did you originally devise the name for it?
Christian: I got the name from an old KMS record called Tronik House.
LessThan3: Did you set a long-term goal for the project?
Christian: My vision was to release music that both house and techno DJs could play in all their sets. This was long before the term “tech house” even existed. My distributor was very hesitant at first with taking on a label that was neither house nor techno, but when Tronic’s fourth record came out and sold over 10,000 records, they became very confident.
LessThan3: If you had to spell out a mission statement, what would that be?
Christian: A simplified mission statement would be: “To release music with an open mind, and lay out content that I would play in my DJ sets”. The goal was never to make loads of money with it, but rather release records that I’m very passionate about. I think this is why it’s still around 20 years onwards, and still very respected in the industry.
LessThan3: As a label owner, can you elaborate on some of your responsibilities?
Christian: I have a great team that helps me run the label. I would never be able to run my label professionally, do my weekly radio show, and do three gigs a week simultaneously, so a good team is imperative for success. I do, however, go through every track and sign everything myself. If I didn’t keep up this responsibility, the label would lose its vision and identity.
LessThan3: What characteristics do you seek out in the artists that you sign?
Christian: I usually look for artists that do not release too much on many other labels–particularly producers that have their own trademark sound. There are so many copycats out there; I’m not interested in signing music that you hear on 20+ other labels. There have been quite a few cases where I turned down a huge track because I either did not like the artist’s attitude, or the music was too unoriginal for my taste.
LessThan3: I presume Tronic’s initial releases back in 1994 sounded quite different than those of modern day, right?
Christian: The original release was actually full-on techno. It wasn’t until Tronic’s third release that I properly decided how I wanted the label to evolve. Of course, the music changes all the time, but I think when someone picks up a Tronic track, he or she will know that it’s usually something fairly balanced between house and techno, with a good amount of energy.
LessThan3: Throughout the years, which of the label’s releases have been the most successful?
Christian: Goldrush–A track that I wrote with Jean Phillippe Aviance back in 1998. We must have done over ten different represses for this release. There were around 12,000 vinyl copies circulating in the end, and that was long before Beatport even existed. Then there was my “Tronic Treatment” remix for Carl Craig’s At Les. Besides reaching #1 in the Beatport techno chart, it was also one of 2010′s highest selling vinyl releases. Lastly, my early 2012 original Get It Done. I made this track with Richie Hawtin in mind, but he declined to release it on M_nus. When it reached the #1 spot at Beatport, I sent Richie an email with the link–his answer: “Nobody is perfect.”
LessThan3: Which of your own productions are you especially proud of?
Christian: That’s a tough one, especially as Tronic alone has over 130 releases. I really enjoyed a double pack that John Selway and I made called the Vanguard EP. But there are also several other tracks that I’m very proud of, especially the ones that cross over different genres. My remixes of Underworld, Laurent Garnier, and Carl Craig were all very special to me as well. It’s not often that you hear DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, and Sasha play the same track. I am proud to say that this has happened quite a few times in my career.
LessThan3: What plans do you have for the label in upcoming months?
Christian: 2014 will mark Tronic’s 20-year anniversary. I will do around 20-30 gigs to celebrate this big milestone, everywhere from Japan, to Argentina, to the US, and all over Europe. I love what I do and I’m very appreciative that people buy my music and want to hear me play all around the world. See you all in 2014!

Stay up to date with Tronic’s latest releases right here on Beatport.

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LIFELIKE – Night Patrol [EP]

Back with another release, LifeLike, the reputable Frenchman Laurent Heinrich delivers some smooth disco that we all enjoy to hear on the dance floors. Part of the French electronic movement, his work as a music producer, DJ, and remixer has given him the chance to work with well known artists, like Kris Menace, as well as remixing tracks for Chromeo and The Presets. Released through his own label, Computer Science, his EP reworks the sounds of 80's French house music.

 “Night Patrol” is the first track from the EP, setting off the vibe with its distinct melodic bass lines with a hint of retro beats that produce a funky sound. Including the radio edit, a bit shorter than the original mix but nonetheless capturing the atmospheric sounds and synths of the track. "City Lights" changes up the pace of the EP, as the track  embodies the sounds of Lifelike as he uses his recognizable soothing disco sounds that compliment the vocal samples. Heinrich's work as a producer for this EP just comes to show you how his creativity behind these tracks can create a spectacular arpeggio of sounds.



Just when you though one of the best tracks from everyones favorite Parisian was left for dead… our boy Valentino Khan has revived Gesaffelstein’s Bromance monster “Control Movement” and beefed it up for the main stage. Khan toured this year with The Bloody Beetroots and then recently with Skrillex, so this one has been heard far and wide… now its yours for FREE!

Valentino Khan on

LT3 On Tour With Chus & Ceballos

A learned partygoer once imparted me some compelling words of wisdom: “Hispanic DJs simply do it best.” After joining tribal house maestros Chus & Ceballos (arguably Spain’s hottest electronic music exports) for two of their late-fall touring excursions, I realized that anecdote couldn’t bear any more truth.

The beloved duo recently concluded a massive US nightclub campaign in support of their latest Toolroom Knights compilation, hitting over nine major cities in a mere two-week span. As an avid supporter, I was more than ecstatic to witness what surprises the Stereo Productions chieftains had in store for their American audiences.

Chus and Ceballos US Tour LessThan3 LT3 On Tour With Chus & Ceballos

Fortunately enough (and to my utter astonishment), the tour kicked off just 10 minutes away from my hometown, at Long Island’s newest nightlife mecca, LOVE. Given the club’s inconspicuous location within a suburban shopping center, I was quite impressed with its elaborate interior layout, which featured an accommodating dancefloor, discreet VIP/bottle-service section, and a stunning LED dome ceiling. Even the crowd composure (hundreds of loyal C&C followers) contributed to the venue’s refreshing charisma, setting a warm vibe for the festivities.

All aesthetic merits aside, Chus & Ceballos’ awe-inspiring performance was the undeniable highlight of the evening. Ascending to the decks shortly after midnight, the two tech house gurus delivered an extended set filled with their label’s latest floor-killers, as well as some unreleased original material of their own. Maintaining a thorough balance between soulful vocal anthems and vigorous techno rhythms, the duo took fans on a four-hour musical voyage across their signature “Iberican” soundscape. I was especially delighted to hear a fresh mash-up of Funky Green Dog’s house classic, Fired Up, among other timeless hits.

Chus and Ceballos LOVE2 LessThan3 LT3 On Tour With Chus & Ceballos

After experiencing one of the pair’s most captivating sessions to date, I followed Chus & Ceballos to their gig in Boston the following week, where they resumed their bi-monthly residency at Bijou nightclub. Compared to LOVE’s spacious expanses, Bijou boasts a more intimate setting, as a narrow, low-ceiling lounge-club hybrid. Equipped with a booming Funktion One soundsystem in all four corners, the room’s intricate acoustics presented optimal sound quality for the special Thanksgiving eve affair.

Although Boston’s rigid nightlife restrictions limited the overall length of their set (Bijou closes promptly at 2AM), Chus & Ceballos filled their allotted two-and-a-half-hour headline slot most efficiently. Providing clubgoers with a proper immersion into their eclectic percussion and hypnotic, tech-laden medleys, the two Spaniards summoned a variety of notable tracks from their all-encompassing musical catalog. As anticipated, the playlist slightly overlapped with that of the previous week, yet that did not prevent the tribal house teammates from procuring a fresh selection and unique vibe.

Chus and Ceballos Bijou LEssThan3 LT3 On Tour With Chus & Ceballos

Since Chus & Ceballos make frequent appearances throughout the American Northeast with a hefty seasonal touring agenda, critics can be hasty in underestimating their true savvy. To the contrary, the duo’s mind-blowing performances readily speak for themselves; Chus Esteban and Pablo Ceballos share an unprecedented chemistry behind the mixer, playing off one another’s energy with skillful dexterity.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to behold one of their spectacular DJ sets, we suggest you brush up on their upcoming tour dates right here, and don’t miss out.

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[VIDEO] Alesia – Andrea

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Well, this is certainly a first. I’d never wondered what horny ghosts did in creepy haunted houses until seeing the new music video for “Andrea” from French Techno duo, Alesia. The track is the lead single from their debut EP out on OWSLA tomorrow. Check it.


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M.A.N.D.Y. – “Superstitious” (Remixes)

The Berlin record label Get Physical compiled a hefty set of remixes for M.A.N.D.Y.’s track "Superstitious" taken from the Twisted Sister EP released last year.Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer the talent behind M.A.N.D.Y are known for their tech and deep house sounds and vibes, their track alone is another reason why their reputation grows as they feature remixes from some of the biggest names in the business. Djedjotronic, Chaim, and Just Be feature their own stellar remixes on the follow-up.The remixes are available now through Beatport and Get Physical Music which will release a special edition vinyl worth keeping an eye out for.

The original mix of "Superstitious" features M.A.N.D.Y’s recognizable and sensational vibes mixed with looping vocals and beats that have the right amount of variations of house. Jérémy Cottereau, the face behind Djedjotronic of Boysnoize Records, ads the right amounts of upbeat sounds to captivate the true potential of this track with his remix. The remix itself flows into a deep house version mixed with an upbeat tempo that has the ability to get those restless dance floors moving.

The Just BE remix uses the remixer's own sound and is able to produce a deep sensation as he mixes the track with a tech sound that chills the back of your spine till very last  second. His remix just comes to show how his lengthy DJ career gets better as he produces remixes that never seem to get old. The last remix done by Chaim smoothly fits right in with the other remixes. His chart topping remixes including “Very Wrong” and “Smile for Me” has kept his name as a noticable remixer. He mixes various styles of synthesized sounds that loop and incorporate the house and tech vibes that reflect his ability into adding his own rework for this remix.





Etnik’s Deep, Dark Debut

Recently signed to OWSLA, Hamburg-based 21 year-old Etnik has released his debut EP Neon Daze and it has quickly shown why some are calling him the “Wunderkind of the German techno scene.” The eight track EP includes five originals and three remixes by the likes of Mumbai Science, TWR72, and Modek.

Neon Daze is without a doubt one of the darkest and most interesting releases I’ve heard in a while, conjuring up images of abandoned warehouses and late night basement parties. I have yet to listen to any part of the EP during the daylight, and I believe that’s for the better.

neon daze ep Etniks Deep, Dark Debut

A few highlights on the EP include the title track with its eerie synths and vocals, and Nixon‘s mechanical techno beats. Etnik’s sound reminds me of one of my favorite producers at the moment who also happens to make slick, no-nonsense electronic music: the prince of dark techno Mr. Gesaffelstein.

With his superb production and clearly defined sound, Etnik is on track to make some big waves in the electronic music scene. Make sure to grab a copy of the Neon Daze EP on Beatport here.

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Brodinski & Beat King Sentenced to ’5 Years’

Brodinski embraces the dark side on 5 Years, an uncompromisingly bleak techno-rap bruiser featuring Houston club rapper Beat King. The tune hinges on a dire, nihilistic warning about partying too hard, which both collaborators would surely salute with middle fingers up high if only the room wasn’t spinning so much…

Brodinski’s crushed, claustrophobic beat is the perfect counterpoint to Beat King’s self-described “stripper EDM” flow, which begs the question: Is this what strippers are dancing to in Texas? This calls for a field trip. Download the track for free on SoundCloud, care of Southern Hospitality.

Beat King’s Club God 3 mixtape released Nov 24. You can listen to the whole thing now on Rdio and purchase through Google Play.

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