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Why We Love Movement Electronic Music Festival

In a world overcome by EDM festivals, competitors need a bit more than a star-studded lineup and monstrous LED displays to stand out beyond the rest, so why not give back to your city while making history? It’s safe to say that Movement Electronic Music Festival is one of the only festivals continuing over a decade in the same location (Hart Plaza) that continues to receive love and support from its city. Every Memorial Day Weekend, the city of Detroit practically shuts down to come together not only to remember our fallen soldiers, but to celebrate the birthplace of techno. The festival is rich in history, which drives tourism and economic growth. Civic leaders and media outlets across the globe have hailed MEMF as one of the safest, most professionally managed and upheld, groundbreaking artistic installments in the world.

Movement 2013 Redbull

An idea thought up by Carl Craig, and later touched on by Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, MEMF is now a powerful music movement led by Paxahau, a music production company whose two decades of expertise in concert production have brought Movement to its greatest successes in 2006 and beyond. Movement stands out against other festivals because it thrives on showcasing the music that the rest of the world has been afraid to tiptoe around. Artists like Butane, DJ Shadow, Mike Dearborn, and Dave Clark headlined Movement a decade before the States understood what “EDM” was, let alone that daunting word: techno. Now, the festival is highlighted for its dark, debunked sounds and free-spirit atmosphere with artists like Richie Hawtin, Masters At Work, Dennis Ferrer, Magda, Terrence Parker, and Ben Sims dispersed among five stupendous stages. It’s not a place specifically for the young or the old. It’s a place for friends, music lovers, families, city officials, and anyone else who cares to join the Movement–neon furries to a minimum, Funktion One speakers to a maximum.

Michigan Movement 2013

Movement 2013 Legs

Not quite convinced of the awesomeness that ensues in Detroit? The birthplace of techno is rich in culture and history, which is why some of MEMF’s proceeds help fund The Detroit Techno Foundation, a non-profit, educational institution soon to hold “the most relevant historical techno timeline,” stated Jason Huvaere, President of Paxahau. The foundation believes that integrity-based music comes first, and this is a motto that needs to be shared with today’s up-and-coming artists. The Foundation, still in its early stages, will archive techno culture from its start in the ’80s through today in a museum, and will help “showcase where the techno culture came from before people forget. We feel it is important for young ones to understand the history of techno and electronic music.” Aside from housing a full-fledged techno museum, the foundation will have a state-of-the-art production studio where students will learn electronic music production from some of the industry’s best. The foundation will be a much-needed and lasting legacy, because history seems to be getting lost.

Bill Patrick Movement 2013

Movement 2013 sign

Check out some of LessThan3′s favorite Instagram moments from MEMF 2013 here, and be sure to join the Movement next year!

Photo credit: Oliver Correa

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LessThan3 @ Sensation Canada

Last Saturday marked the first time the worldwide dance event known as Sensation touched down on Canadian soil, tearing apart the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto. Best described as a Cirque du Soleil-esque spectacle combined with DJs, Sensation is a celebration of electronic dance music culture. Part rave and part circus, this wasn’t your typical Saturday night show. It was a literal, visual, and auditory sensation.

To those of you unfamiliar with Sensation, here’s a little backstory: Originating in 2000 in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Arena, Sensation has grown into a series of European events and is now (finally) starting a North American tour. Despite the hefty $150 ticket price, the Toronto stop was the third largest Sensation in history, packing 25,000+ people into a proverbial “Ocean of White.” Playing off this theme, the Rogers Centre was covered from floor to ceiling in an ocean motif–hovering jellyfish, dancing multicolored fountains, mermaids, and bubble dancers were everywhere.

The first performer to take center stage was Mr. White, a Sensation mainstay who was covered head to toe with (you guessed it) white, including face paint. After getting the crowd amped up, a thundering voice came over the speakers. Amidst blinding flashes of light, glowing beach balls dropped from the ceiling and mermaids took the stage. The pyrotechnics were on-point throughout the night, and the light show was truly world-class. At times, you couldn’t help but stare up at the visual feast; there was so much going on. Trapeze artists, pyro wheels, confetti, and CO2-spewing volcanoes made for an unforgettable experience. Club owners take note: This is how you throw a party.

The big names of the night, Fedde le Grand and Eric Prydz, both put on impressive performances that have them poised to make the leap from EDM superstars into mainstream recognition á la David Guetta or Tiesto. Fedde took the stage, and pyro-waves exploded around him as he brought the roof down with his signature big-room beats like Metrum, Sparks, and Rockin’ N’ Rollin’. Prydz was arguably the highlight of the night, performing his progressive classics Every Day, 2night, and a phenomenal mashup* of his own Cirez D production On Off with Green Velvet & Harvad BassLazer Beams, complete with a massive lazer beam light show unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

At almost 2 a.m., just when you thought the party was over, a stream of flame jets and water fountains exploded into the air, signaling the last performer of the night, Sweden’s own Otto Knows. Dropping a series of big-room progressive tracks, including a mashup of his own song Million Voices, the young producer sent Canadians home with smiles on their faces.

At this point, there is no denying the popularity and power of electronic music. Was an event of this magnitude even feasible three years ago in Canada? This is the start of yet another huge summer for dance music in Toronto, as Toronto will play host to the second annual renditions of both Digital Dreams Festival and VELD Music Festival.

All photos curtesy of the official Sensation website.
* Credit to Daniel Smalls for providing an edit for our site.

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InstaWeekly 01: 10 Awesome Instagram Photos From Movement 2013

Today we’re kicking off a new series called InstaWeekly, where we’ll deliver you the best artists, festivals, and news as documented on Instagram each week.

If you missed the annual techno pilgrimage to Movement Electronic Music Festival this past weekend, there were plenty of others who managed to capture the spirit of the festival right through their smartphones. Here are 10 of our favorite Instagram photos from Movement 2013:

People from all over the world came to Detroit to celebrate techno music in the city where it all began.


Photo by @jozerities2


Photo by @galaxytapestry

The Made in Detroit stage was the soul of the festival.


Photo by @e_raupp

Various works of art were sprawled across the festival grounds.


Photo by @cameraguyal


Photo by @thatstickypurplestuff


Photo by @cosmocean

Dubfire and Matthew Dear couldn’t help but show their love for Detroit at the Red Bull Music Academy Stage on Sunday.


Photo by @tlectual

And even though it rained on Monday…


Photo by @jillgphotography

Detroit didn’t stop dancing.


Photo by @dandyromain

All they needed was the music to keep them warm.


Photo by @cameraguyal

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Crookers Releases 2nd Volume of New MiniMix Series

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Crookers has kicked off his new MiniMix series just in time for summer, and after premiering Volume 1 with Billboard two weeks ago, he’s back already with another pumping half-hour featuring tunes from Kingdom, Justin Martin, Skream, and more. Crookers once again proves himself to be a true mixmaster…


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Stacey Pullen Goes Any Which Way

After formulating a solid team of trailblazers on the Blackflag label, owner and innovator Stacey Pullen makes a triumphant return with his first solo release of 2013, Any Which Way, a psychoactive atmosphere of distorted voices, titillating synths, and a collection of remixes to satisfy your techno palate.

We can look Any Which Way, but in the end we return to the depths of dirty, Detroit techno on this release. The journey begins with the original mix’s oscillating synths and analog sounds, calling to question the stability of the listener’s brain. Stacey’s Dirty Mug and Dub Mug remixes provide a stratospheric techno groove with teetering backbeats for that timeless Motor City vibe.

Desolat’s Martin Buttrich closes out the EP with two solid remixes, Red And Green. The Red Mix works on the main synth line heard in Pullen’s original, creating a softer enchantment of sound. The Green Mix has a funkier, deep-soul vibe with with its delicate layers of drums, synth, and subtle bass.

Pick up Stacey Pullen’s Any Which Way EP on Blackflag Recordings on May 27th.

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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

In celebration to hitting 4000 likes on facebook, our techno brethren Craig Williams is giving away a FREE double track EP including two remade versions of some of his favorites by Nine Inch Nails. The product is a pipeline of techno that carries the haunting vocals of Trent Reznor off the grid and into dark territory. Dig in kids.


Craig Williams on


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Guy Gerber Presents The Wisdom Of The Glove

As we near the beginning of Ibiza’s 2013 season, the beloved Pacha brand aims to forge a new identity, starting with Guy Gerber’s new The Wisdom Of The Glove residency.

The Israeli curator has some major plans for the world-renowned club, so we gave him the floor to answer our most pressing questions about the Glove’s mystical allure and his hopes to make Pacha the island’s hottest destination:

Explain the meaning of “The Wisdom of the Glove”

The Wisdom of the Glove started in Mexico when I was walking around all night at the Jungle Party wearing a single white glove. Wearing a glove really puts people into character. It changes the way they interact and transmit. I really felt there was more behind it than just this, and the concept started to form a bit more. I envisioned having a party at a nightclub with a €150,000 glove in a fancy display case, security guards around it, very Damien Hirst-like. I had this idea to ridicule the last 10 years of the music scene in Ibiza, and really wanted to start a night that would go against all that and bring it back to its original feeling. That was how the Wisdom Of the Glove concept began, and it really turned more and more magical the more the night starting coming together.


What is your goal for the residency, your dream of what it will become?

My dream is that people will come and not know what to expect. I want to bring back the feeling of mystery and excitement to going out, to not knowing where the night will go and what the music and decor and crowd will be like.

Why Pacha?

Pacha has the right size: not too big, and not too small. There are many rooms–the main room, global room, funky room, terrace–and this allows movement. It makes people want to stay a long time. Also, if I did the same idea of having magicians and bringing bands like Chromatics and Four Tet anywhere else, it wouldve been pretentious. But in Pacha, it’s kind of almost ridiculous.

I also have to admit that I was surprised at how much everyone on the team was accepting this concept and knew all about these acts I wanted to bring, and how much the creative feedback inspired me. I have to say that I’ve never been so excited in my entire life, because I only hear the word “yes” in our creative discussions, and they really get the concept.

hands and lightning

What role will The Glove play in Pacha’s proposed shift away from mainstream music toward a wider range of tastes?

I’m not expecting to be the stepping stone between the mainstream and underground music at Pacha. I’m just more happy to introduce new music to some people that might maybe never have heard about it. At the same time, I’m just inviting all the same people that already like this kind of music to come into Pacha and ignore the musical legacy of it, and just see it as a wonderful venue that has a great dancefloor and a good vibe with thoughtful lineups in both rooms.

What are some of the artists you plan on having at “The Wisdom of the Glove?”

Shaun Reeves, Bill Patrick, Maayan Nidam, Phil Weeks, and others will be residents of The Glove, and there will be special guests including Four Tet, Actress, Lee Burridge, John Talabot, Craig Richards, Delano Smith, Benoit & Sergio, Noze, Midland, Matthew Dear, dOP, Magda and many more to come…

shark hunt

Will we see any new performances or experiences that have never been done before?

Well, let’s put it like this: weirdness is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m not trying to bring new experiences. I just want people to feel slightly uncomfortable and like it!


Do the cryptic images that we see posted to the Wisdom of the Glove page all have a deeper meaning that relates to the residency?

What im trying to do, almost on my own with a little bit of help, is try to create imagery, a visual dialogue leading up to the residency. When you get to the club, you won’t see Cirque de Soleil, and I can’t create a fantasy world. It’s still a party in a nightclub, but at least people will have these images in mind and can imagine how it can be or how it should and hopefully will be.

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[DOWNLOAD] Charles I & Tre – Satellites EP

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Our very good friends Charles I & Tre have joined forces for a debut collaboration titled, Satellites. A project that has been months in the making, Satellites is a true balance of talent between the two producers — a release characterized by finesse and a shared love of good ol’ fashioned Techno. While the guys originally planned to shop this baby around to some labels, they kindly decided to give it away to the masses for free today. In addition to 3 brand new originals, the Satellites EP also features 3 remixes from a trio of other GDD™ brethren — Casino Gold, Craig Williams, and Damaged Goods. Download all 6 tracks below.


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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Out now is the latest from Le Castle Vania’s label Always Never Records, an amazing and multi-faceted six track EP from Miami based producers SLDGHMR. I’m really impressed – there’s not a whole lot of young American producers that have finesse and versatility in delivering an EP that progresses from barreling techno to indie/nu-disco type stylings whilst maintaining a sound true to their artistry.

It’s clear with the EP that SLDGHMR have mastered the art of progression, from the layout of the EP itself to each high and low within the tracks. Beginning with the title track, you’re pushed straight into the darkness, a kind of post-apocalyptic journey into techno with deep and commanding vocals. “I Just Want You To Know” continues along the techno stream, with intelligently placed keys that drop into in-your-face kickdrums – the danceability most accurately shown in their music video- an ode to the old school techno dance videos of the very early 90s.

Things get simpler on “Welcome To The Technodome”, where my combined love for 108BPM techno and atypically placed rap lyrics come together to humorously dark effect. For all you – yes I’m going to make up a genre here – “autobahn techno” lovers, “BAOM” is the one, carrying easily the darkest and most tunneling vibe on the EP, accented by perfectly placed massive kicks I’ve only recently seen pulled off that well by Gesaffelstein. The mood changes entirely with “Shadows Dancing”, an electronica-influenced melodic track that starts to bring the EP to a close. The final track, aided by vocals from the lovely Louisahhh!!! is a great end to the EP as I feel it culminates a lot of what makes the previous five tracks so special together into its own uniqueness.

Reset is definitely a showcase for a multitude of different inspirations and a solid debut effort from SLDGHMR on Always Never. There’s a lot of appeal here and an unbeknownst amount of potential- it captivates in a way that makes you want to listen over again and ponder how deep they go in their DJ sets. The EP is available basically everywhere music is sold but you can stream it below as well.



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The recent release of Dim Mak Record’s freshman class compilation NEW NOISE VOL. 4 featured many new faces on the scene, one of which being our LA Aussie mate Craig Williams leading the brigade with his single “So Shake”. The track pairs a gritty bassline with a dirty vocal sample of “Shake whatcha momma gave ya” – a fusion of techno, electro and hip hop make this one a staple example of Dim Mak’s NEW NOISE movement. Listen to it below, and pick it up today on Beatport!

Craig is a Aussie DJ/Producer is on the rise with more remixes in the works for Dim Mak and has much more in store release-wise for the summer including some hot collaborations with Louisahhh!!! of the famed Bromance Records crew & Montreal-House royalty Prince Club.

Craig Williams on


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