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Cosmin TRG – “Terminus Abrupt” (Legowelt Remix) / “Noise Code” (Miles Remix) [EP]

Gordian marked Cosmin TRG’s second full-length album released on Modeselektor’s 50Weapons imprint. While the Romanian producer admitted to struggling through the process of the album, the outcome showed no sign of discrepancy, and felt like a tactful product that only highlighted his assorted tastes in techno music. Every song felt refreshingly new and had its own respective awareness that allowed for extensive replay in my mp3 player.  Since then, the album has welcomed remixes from UK producer Lee Gamble and Berlin’s techno icon, Marcel Dettmann. Now in its second series of remixes, Legowelt and Miles handle remix duties and take the featured tracks to darker depths.

Coming from the Netherlands’ most western region (The Hague), Legowelt has been in the game for quite sometime, and lots of that can be heard in his vintage 80’s to 90’s sound he often incorporates in his music. With “Terminus Abrupt”, we get a (per usual) synth-focused rendition to the track that denotes the producer’s acquired knowledge and range throughout his music career. Jolting with character, you can basically travel back in time with this heavy techno piece. UK producer Miles, also known as one half of Demdike Stare, adds depth to the vacancy of “Noise Code”. Turning the soft tom rumbles into much felt strokes of percussion, his added effects give an eerie tone of distance and suspense that stretches the original more than I could have expected.


Cosmin TRG

"Terminus Abrupt" (Legowelt Remix) / "Noise Code" (Miles Remix)

  • 50Weapons
  • 2013-11-15

Anthony Naples – “P O T”

After making waves on Mister Saturday Night Records with Mad Disrespect, which some consider as one of the year's highlights of 2012, Anthony Naples has since started his own imprint, Proibito. It's tough to classify the sound. He and the label fall somewhere under lo-fi, raw house and techno. His label no doubt shows this with previous EPs from Royal Crowd of Sweden and Local Artist; Naples' first release on his own label has his sound signature written all over it. 

P O T is comprised of two 10-min tracks. Yet the second half of both sides suddenly change and become ambient. The featured side A track is a club banger. The beat hits hard and synths stab the track while vocal samples add a retro element. There isn't a buildup or drop, but for good reason. The entire track is a slap to the body. Things get oddly interesting when about two-thirds in, it transitions to a beatless song. Artists and labels like this are few and far between, only time will tell how influential they'll be. Unfortunately this release is limited edition and vinyl-only for now.


A Taste Of ‘Bengala’ With Picotto & Ferri

Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri are probably familiar names to anyone who’s been listening to dance music for a while. Picotto was best known for his unique trance sound in the late 90’s, as well as being a prolific remixer, often teaming up with Ferri under their Megamind alias. While their trance days are long gone, the duo who put Italian dance music on the map have long since turned their attentions to techno, and it’s something they do just as well.

Their latest track Bengala is techno at its finest–dark, moody, deep, with a hint of house thrown in. It’s minimal, but it does what minimal techno should always intend to do–set up a groove, keep it constant, keep it simple but also keep it interesting. There’s a simple bass riff going on, but it modulates and takes on an almost acid house form at times. It’s straight from a 303 and is exactly what drives techno to remain such a constant presence in dance music. This is a track that is designed for a club and you can almost hear the sound reflecting back off condensation covered walls, massively over-sized speaker stacks and a crowd looking for something a bit more underground.

Bengala is out now and is testament to how this Italian duo have remained at the top of their game after so long.

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[Stream] Phil Kieran – Liquid Night EP

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty


Twin Turbo, the baby brother to Tiga’s legendary Turbo imprint, readies their next release with Phil Kieran. Kieran oozes class on this EP with carefully pitched sonic noises and the kind of tight percussion that’s fit for a dark warehouse. This package sees the re-release of Saturdays, a track that made its rounds on the festival circuit this summer after it saw a release on the Turbo Miami Lifestyle compilation in March. The standout track for me on the release comes from the Polish duo Catz ‘N Dogz, whose take on Saturdays is a chunky, behemoth of a track that left me with sweaty palms and a mildly uncomfortable feeling of nausea and slight euphoria, which is exactly what you want in a techno track. Pick up the full EP when it drops on November 18th.


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BPM Festival Releases Phase 1 Lineup For The Perfect Party In Paradise

Imagine: ten blissful days spent dancing to the best house and techno artists in the world and relaxing along the serene turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It sounds too good to be true, but the BPM Festival provides exactly this. BPM’s jaw-dropping lineup and idyllic scenery attracts electronic music fans, artists, and industry heads alike each year.

Located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, BPM is entering its seventh year and has become recognized as one of the best festivals and biggest parties in underground electronic music. It boasts a whopping lineup of over 250 leading DJs playing day and night parties throughout the ten-day event. Skeptical that you (or your wallet) won’t survive this epic dance marathon? BPM also offers seven-day and three-day wristbands for the more moderate party-goers.

bpmfestival1 lessthan3 BPM Festival Releases Phase 1 Lineup For The Perfect Party In Paradise

BPM runs from January 3rd through the 12th, so it’s the perfect way to continue your NYE celebrations well into the new year and to escape the dreary winter doldrums.

Today, BPM released the first round of the festival lineup (view below). It features over one hundred of the biggest names in underground house and techno… and this is only phase one! So secure your wristband, reserve your villa, and get ready to party on the playa.

bpmfestival lineup lessthan3 BPM Festival Releases Phase 1 Lineup For The Perfect Party In Paradise

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Gesaffelstein Premieres His Dark Debut

Gesaffelstein premiered his debut LP, Aleph, on Bromance today, and it’s 14 dark glimpses into the mind of one of tomorrow’s top techno and beats superstars.

He changes tempo with spacious and meditative tracks like Nameless, and sexy, strutting 100-BPM in Destinations, Obsession, and the already-heard Hate or Glory. But long-time fans of the G-man aren’t to worry, there’s plenty of good, ol’ fashioned, heavy Gesaffelstein to go around in items like Duel and Pursuit.

He toys with new concepts in tracks like Hellifornia, built around a squealing West Coast synth lead, serving as a presumable tribute to the LA hip hop scene yet modified to be a bass-lover’s cruising jam.

The French techno scientist puts some extremely interesting experiments into play on Aleph, and as a whole, it’s an impressive and bold first at-bat for the budding beatsmith. Listen to the whole album here on Pitchfork, and pick it up here on iTunes.

aleph cover album Gesaffelstein Premieres His Dark Debut

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[STREAM] Green Velvet Releases New Album, ‘Unshakable’

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

GDD™ favorite and ultimate legend, Green Velvet, has released his 7th studio album as Green Velvet today on his own Relief Records, boasting 13 new collaborations with established and budding talent. Guys like Riva Starr, Harvard Bass, Oliver $, and our mate Craig Williams lend their expertise to the LP in addition to new names like Boooox, Saso Recyd, and Zcarab, who all won their way into the studio with Curtis through a worldwide production contest.

Chicago House, Techno, and Acid are all prevalent in Unshakable, calling upon lasting influences while injecting new sounds for an incredibly balanced record. More than 20 years after “Coffee Pot,” Green Velvet proves his relevance without fail. What cannot be shaken will remain…

Preview collabs with Oliver $ and Craig Williams below and snag the LP on Beatport.


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Interview: Pleasurekraft

LessThan3: You’ve got a show coming up Saturday night at Vessel in San Francisco. Have you played at Vessel before?
Kaveh: I played there once in 2011. Cool club, great sound system, venue is nice and intimate. Definitely looking forward to going back there, especially because I don’t play in a lot of other cities in Cali besides LA, so it will be fun to go to a city where I haven’t been in a while.
LessThan3: When you perform do you perform together?
Kaveh: It’s never the two of us; Kalle doesn’t DJ.
LessThan3: So he’s kind of the studio guy?
Kaveh: We started out by sending files back and forth, but since touring has ramped up to full time we have a studio in Stockholm where he lives and I will go and meet up with him. Sometimes we still send files to each other, though.
LessThan3: Do you also live in Stockholm?
Kaveh: No; I moved everything into storage because I’m never in the same place for more than four or five days.
LessThan3: Would you consider yourself “on tour” right now, or are you just playing the regular amount of dates that you would play?
Kaveh: I think the way people talk about touring is incorrect now as it relates to dance music. It’s not like back in the day when people would record an album, tour for several months, and then not tour for a while. When you have an established name in dance music, you’re always on tour until you decide to take a break or you stop making records people want to hear.
LessThan3: Where are some of your favorite places to play?
Kaveh: Mexico is incredible, and so are France and South Africa. I love playing in El Paso, some spots in Canada, but overall in terms of entire countries, Mexico, France, and South Africa are at the top for me. When I have a gig in either of those countries I know it will be a 10 out of 10.
LessThan3: Are you playing at BPM?
Kaveh: We have one of the official opening parties on Jan 3 for our label, Kraftek.
LessThan3: Speaking of Kraftek, how do you decide what to put out? Are you trying to release a sound that is similar to your own or are you expanding beyond that?
Kaveh: When I hear a track and it hits me on a gut level, that’s the main thing I’m going for. I’m not interested in signing an artist that sounds like a Pleasurekraft copy, because while it’s flattering I don’t think it’s doing anyone a service. If you’re looking out for that artist’s best interests you need to tell them that they need to forge their own sound rather than mimic. Kraftek Villains Vol. 1 was a good indicator of the breadth of sounds we release. Deep house, techno, tech house, and house were all on there. Are we going to release dubstep, electro, progressive? No. Even if it hits me on a gut level, I’m not going to play that live, so I can’t give it the proper promotion. There are plenty of other great labels that artists can go to for that sound.
LessThan3: Who are some of the main artists you’re releasing?
Kaveh: Bontan, this deep house guy from the UK who has a really innovative, bassy sound. Jaceo and Vedic from Denver are incredible producers. We’ve done a bunch of tracks with them. Coming up we have tracks from Stacey Pullen, Pirupa, Oliver $, Green Velvet, and Sergio Fernandez all coming out in the next three to four months.
LessThan3: How much do you think your sound has changed since the start of your career?
Kaveh: I think it’s really funny when I read comments that are like “oh man you guys need a new style” or “what happened to the old style?” You can never make everyone happy. We have releases in techno, deep house, and tech house–for one act, I think that’s a good continuum of styles. I love being able to change it up and not do the same thing over and over. For the most part the fans have been great, though. I think there is something unique to what we do; I don’t think we repeat ourselves as far as style goes. For better or worse, we kind of just do what we want to do and hope that it resonates with fans.
LessThan3: You guys teamed up with Green Velvet on Skeleton Key. What was it like working with him? He seems like a pretty eccentric character.
Kaveh: Curtis is an awesome guy. Outside of dance music, he is one of the nicest human beings I know. I’ve worked with him in the studio, but not for Skeleton Key—it was for another track. With Skeleton Key he sent us vocals and we went from there. He didn’t even have anything original to sing over. He took an eight bar loop from a remix of a track we did called Zooloo and did the vocals over a part of that, then we took them and did something completely different. He had no idea what it was going to sound like when he got the first copy. It was flattering when a guy like him calls you within five minutes of sending the track and saying “dude, this is amazing.”
LessThan3: Tarantula is one of the Top 10 selling tracks on Beatport of all time. Have you seen the financial returns that you would expect from a ranking like that?
Kaveh: The financial returns are really from people booking you. Within seven months of Tarantula releasing, Both Kalle and I were able to quit our day jobs and focus only on music, so that definitely had a return. As far as digital sales, it was a nice chunk of change, but at this point, a good weekend of shows will make you more money than what we’ve seen from that track.
LessThan3: Any other upcoming releases you want to tell us about?
Kaveh: We have the remix package for a collaborative EP that we did with Format B over the summer, Coltrane/Sexus, that releases Nov 11 on Kraftek. It features a remix of Sexus by DJ Anna from Brazil and two remixes of Coltrane—one from Belocca and one from Re.You. We’re gonna be releasing a Kraftek Villains Vol. 2 before Winter Music Conference as well. There will be some bomb tracks on there that I’m playing right now from our favorite up-and-coming producers. Floor-friendly, hands-in-the-air type stuff, but still underground.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Kaveh: Young Blood by The Naked & Famous.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Kaveh: Energetic, Fluid, Delectable.

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Eric Prydz Brings EPIC 2.0 To Hammerstein Ballroom

In an effort to distinguish a sound so distinct from everyone else, Eric Prydz‘ long-term standing as a first-class producer has, in a way, been slept on in the States, until now. For the first time since 2011, Prydz brought fans to another dimension of live performance with the return of his EPIC 2.0 show (Eric Prydz In Concert) on Oct. 18 & 19, along with Pryda friends Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander, at the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom.

Against the fad of just “pressing buttons,” Prydz brought two nights of non-uniform, completely live editing and mixing for a two-part tracklist that could never be replicated, except by the EPIC man himself. The EPIC performance was a show of never-before-heard live edits that teased the mind, considering only one Prydz track was being mixed in while snippets of four different tracks from Prydz, Pryda, and the darkness of Cirez D were simultaneously titillating our eager ears–nostalgic melodies flared while 360 degrees of three-dimensional holograms and visuals beat-matched to every crisp drum, hi-hat, and multiple Layers of sound.

Prydz Epic NY 1019 Eric Prydz Brings EPIC 2.0 To Hammerstein Ballroom

Armin and Tiesto gave us trance, Derick and Kevin gave us techno, and Eric Prydz made us understand progressive house. The presence of each alter-ego shined as rapturous progressive melodies, uplifting electronica, and tantalizing techno productions poured through a next-to-perfect sound system as this one man stood as the centerpiece in a dome of curved LED lights and sound. The show’s intro included a giant hologram of Prydz himself, a process that involved Eric being laser scanned in 3D, among many other unworldly visuals that, at points, created a sense of being on a spaceship.

The backdrops of lighthouses, sunsets, and a stained glass church window uniformly fit the completely distorted edits of fan favorite tracks Pjanoo, Rotonda, Depeche Mode‘s Personal Jesus, and of course Cirez D’s On Off. What was truly a treat for Prydz veterans was hearing The Drill for the first time in a long while, then transitioning into Rush and Powerdrive (EPIC 2.0 Bauerpost Edit) for the ultimate jaw-drop while we reached for laser beams coming from all angles.

Prydz Epic NY Hologram Eric Prydz Brings EPIC 2.0 To Hammerstein Ballroom

The artistic vision, attention to sound and detail, and technical precision put into EPIC 2.0 was unquestioned during Saturday’s performance. The setup allowed fans into the mind of Eric Prydz, with three-tier LED wings that stretched outward and reflective nets outlining the balconies, lighting created the effect of the crowd sitting in Eric’s over-sized studio listening to his original creations how he envisioned them to be heard. EPIC 2.0 will be travelling to Hollywood’s Palladium and Chicago’s Aragon theater next month, so be sure to catch this EPIC show before it sells out.

Prydz EPIC NY turqlazers Eric Prydz Brings EPIC 2.0 To Hammerstein Ballroom

Photos courtesy of Andrew Rauner.

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David Heartbreak Gives You ‘More Acid’

David Heartbreak has acid on his mind, and he wants you to as well. To make sure that happens, David grabbed a bunch of his friends to put together a free compilation titled David Heartbreak Gives You: More Acid, which was released through OWSLA’s Nest HQ.

The compilation is a hard-hitting collection of acid-infused tracks that range from acid house to acid funk and everything in between. Each year, Heartbreak chooses a genre for him and his friends to “see if they want to push the boundaries even further.”

The production on all 16 tracks is top-notch, and they all differ greatly from each other while still remaining inside the confines of the acid genre. A few notables on the compilation are IVARR’s Crash & Burn, a bass-heavy stomper with perfect hints of acid and the club-ready Bloodsport by SLUGGERS.

Head over to the Nest HQ site to grab a free download of the entire compilation.

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