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Sonns Reimagines ‘Cupid’s Head’ By The Field

Axel “The Field” Willner followed up his excellent 2011 LP Looping State of Mind with Cupid’s Head last fall, a somewhat slept-on but no less masterful ambient techno record. Next week, Kompakt will issue Cupid’s Head Remixe I, the first in a series of limited 12″ platters of reinterpretations of The Field’s minimal, micro-looping soundscapes.

First up is a new take on the title track by Los Angeles-based producer Sonns (pictured), who reconfigures Willner’s broken-record glitch loop as a more straightforward techno track, stretching the tune out for nearly nine minutes of aural bliss. It’s far more club-friendly than anything on The Field’s LP, but still satisfies on all counts during living-room listening sessions.

Cupid’s Head Remixe I, which also features remixes from Vatican Shadow and Barker & Baumecker, is out Jan. 20.

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Dive Into The Deep 06

We’re back with another episode of our Dive Into The Deep series, and narrowing down our choices was especially difficult this time around. We’ve been inundated with fantastic releases since the holidays ended, and though going through all of them is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, we’ve picked the five deep/tech tunes you must listen to. It’s only the second week of the year, but if the quality of the recent house and techno releases is any indication, 2014 will be another great year in the underground.

Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Launch (Andy Notalez Remix) [Yellow]

Creepy, dark, energetic techno is on deck thanks to up-and-coming Swedish techno label Yellow Recordings. Their latest release is a three-track EP from duo Drumcomplex and Roel Salemink, whose original track stands alone and manages to set the stage perfectly for Tomy DeClerque and Andy Notalez. Grab your favorite pair of headphones, turn up Notalez’s big room reconstruction, and let the energetic tune transport you to your favorite afterhours spot.

Purchase Here

Alan Fitzpatrick – The Tetra (Original Mix) [Drumcode]

Seeing as how the techno powerhouse churns out the finest tech tracks, Alan Fitzpatrick needs no introduction. As one of Drumcode’s most beloved artists, Fitzpatrick has built an esteemed reputation grounded in both his fresh productions and his excitingly unpredictable DJ sets. With the recent release of the very diverse EP, The Tetra, the British-born DJ shows no signs of stopping in 2014. It’s a rare feat these days for an EP to boast three standout tracks, but Alan Fitzpatrick is not interested in doing what is commonly done. Though the lead song made this list, We Are Forever Young and 1992 are two phenomenal efforts that could’ve easily been released as singles.

Purchase Here

HRRSN & Marlon Hoffstadt – Go Now (Original Mix) [WellDone!]

The WellDone! Music crew welcome the new year with a new EP and a fresh concept we can definitely get behind. Each installment of The Goodie Goodies will feature one artist from the label, three tracks, each a collaboration with a fellow label mate. The first edition of the series features label head Marlon Hoffstadt, whose pairing of solid deep house beats and soulful vocals championed his previous success. If you still have Dansson’s deep vocal from Shake That stuck in your head, Go Now may just be the tune to replace it. It’s best to warn you now that this collaboration with HRRSN is just as catchy as the duo’s previous releases. If you wake up singing the lyrics to Go Now, don’t blame us. You’ve been warned.

Available for purchase 1/10/14 on Beatport

J Diesel – Outside In A Box (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [Definitive]

J Diesel’s deep house original made waves this past summer when Maceo Plex included it in a number of his sets, most notably his appearance at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER at Space Ibiza party. Though Olivier Giacomotto cannot bring back the Ibizan sunshine, he manages to deliver a tech house alternative that is just as warm and sensual as the original. Pairing the deep bass chords with the minimal, breathy female vocal and increasing the energy ever so slightly elevate the funky original to perfection.

Purchase Here

Christian Smith and Wehbba – Third Floor (Original Mix) [Tronic]

Christian Smith, the Swedish techno/house legend and Wehbba, the Brazilian dentist-turned-techno DJ, are back with the third and final installment of their Passion Over Fashion project. While we’re sad to see the EP series come to an end, we’re thrilled to have two new Smith and Wehbba tracks to obsess over. The vocal in Third Floor begs the listener to “relax, deeper into relaxation,” only seconds before Wehbba and Smith bring the percussion back in, releasing the tension and continuing the song’s flow. With a hypnotic yet ambient beat and a trippy vocal, it’s no surprise that Third Floor is the perfect closer for the tech trilogy and this edition of Dive Into The Deep.

Purchase Here

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Bye Bye, Katerholzig Berlin Closes Doors

kater holzig

Legendary Berlin Nightclub closes doors, and Releases celebratory EP in memoriam.
Known for its 5-day parties, multi-tier outdoor patio, world-renowned comfort food, and motley crew of resident DJs, the legendary Katerholzig has closed its doors for good following a 6 day celebration. The closing party, featuring sets from Berlin legends like Acid Pauli, the Katerholzig residents, and even a debut set by Ricardo Villalobos, punctuates a run that saw Katerholzig shoot to worldwide acclaim, regarded fondly as one of the most special clubs in the world.

In memoriam, Katermukke label founder Dirty Doering, alongside label regular Sascha Cawa, have released the Bye Bye Katerholzig EP- featuring two salaciously funky Deep House offerings.

Recently rated one of the top 5 labels in electronic music by Beatport, Katermukke is taking their inimitable brand of Deep House worldwide, with a debut US tour scheduled in late May featuring label stalwarts Dirty Doering & Jan Blomqvist.


Bye Bye Katerholzig EP:
Katerholzig FB:
Dirty Doering:

Friday Favorites 37

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2014. We’ll save the bullsh*t for next week. Let’s get started. It’s Friday Favorites 37.

Josh Bennett

Deep House | Pattern Drama feat. Candida – Girar O Mundo (Original Mix) [Touch Of Class]

This track took my breath away when I first heard it. Pattern Drama is a Brooklyn-based duo who recently released their debut EP on Touch Of Class–the same EP where you can find Girar O Mundo. The cello samples and otherworldly vocals give this masterpiece a unique edge unlike anything I’ve heard in the past. Talk about a dramatic opener for a set. Pick up the full EP here.

Nathan Codd

Electro Funk | Child In Disguise – Promiscuous (Original Mix)

LA’s Child In Disguise is exemplary of the force with which funk is tightening its grip on the modern music world with reassuring debonair. CID released the follow-up Vol. 2 to 2013′s OWSLA NEST-released Funk Files Vol. 1 today, and the lead track, along with the rest of the EP, has been on repeat since. Download your copy here.

Jesse Champagne
Big Room | Zedd, Maison & Dragen, Danny Saucedo, Tim Mason – Amazing Stars (Billy Palk Mashup)
Big room progressive fans, you have got to listen to this! Unheralded Torontonian Billy Palk is responsible for my favourite mashup of last year, and it’s been a mainstay in my house party sets for a long time. Pristine, awe-inspiring vocals and a ghostly build work perfectly toward an extremely satisfying drop, and it’s one of the few times that a mashup outdoes the original songs. The best part? You can download it for free right here.

Ilenia Cangelosi

Techno | Tiga vs. Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Adam Beyer Remix) [Drumcode]

Maya, Breach, and Solomun all gave it a whirl, but holy techno, check out Adam Beyer’s remix of Tiga vs. Audion in Let’s Go Dancing. Enjoy a preview, and patiently await the release of this drum-heavy tech gem out on Drumcode Jan. 27.

Mike Davies

Deep House | Avicii – Wake Me Up (PANG! Slow Things Down Remix) [PRMD]

Avicii is now pretty much the de facto figurehead of mainstream EDM, but his music can still have a strong flavour of the underground, especially in the right hands. Fellow Swedes PANG! have little/no web presence (try a Google search) but have just released a sublime remix of Wake Me Up. It’s deep, groovy, and gives the track a whole new feel. In my opinion, it blows the original out of the water, but you should probably judge that for yourself.

Sam Benanti

R&B | Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)

This isn’t the first time that I’ve chosen a Kaytranada joint as my favorite track of the week, and you better believe it won’t be the last. Kay’s flip of Be Your Girl by Teedra Moses is immediately recognizable for the Canadian producer’s signature sub-bass bounce, but here it achieves near-sublime properties when paired with Moses’s infectious, unpredictable melodic hooks. Download the Kaytranada Edition of Be Your Girl for free on SoundCloud.

Jon April
House | Avicii – You Make Me (Throttle Remix) [PRMD]

Is that two remixes of Avicii tracks in one Friday Favorties?! Why yes, yes it is. I came across Throttle’s remix of Avicii’s You Make Me earlier this week and was immediately drawn in by the poppy house synths and breakdowns. It gives the track a totally new life and gives it a much more danceable feeling. The remix is available for download on Beatport here

Matt Heidkamp
Indie & Beats | Eliot Lipp & Michna – Cookin’ (Original Mix)

Sometimes it takes restraints to let creativity flourish. That’s definitely the case with this collaborative track from Eliot Lipp and Michna. Confined to an 808, SP-1200, and a modular synth, the two cooked up some future flavors with a dash of retro sounds–no computer necessary. Scoop it up for free here.

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Dive Into The Deep 05

It’s a new year and we’re back with a fresh installment of our Dive Into The Deep series. Although many of our favorite DJs were taking a well-deserved break for the holidays, we’ve scoured the last releases from 2013 to bring you the best deep house, techno, and tech house beats that will cure your post-New Year’s blues.

Shlomi Aber – Outlaws (Original Mix) [Be As One]

Israeli producer Shlomi Aber and jazz pianist-turned-electronic-musician Guti have joined forces on Blossom, a 2-track EP out now on Aber’s Be As One label. The syncopated drums in Outlaws drive the song forward and packs more of a punch for your listening pleasure. While Guti and Aber’s collaboration song Blossom is a quality tech house groove, it is Aber’s solo effort that shines a bit brighter.
Purchase Here

Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis – Lonely Stars In Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix) [All Day I Dream]

After becoming a staple in Lee Burridge’s sets this past summer, Luca Bacchetti’s remix quickly became one of the most anticipated releases from Burridge’s label, All Day I Dream. The original tune’s dreamlike feel has been layered with elements of what is now often referred to as “tropical house,” but make no mistake–Bacchetti’s slightly faster version perfectly fits ADID’s aesthetic.

Purchase Here

Luca M, JUST2, CMM – Lizzard (Original Mix) [Younan]

If tribal tech house is your style, Lizzard will be a welcomed new addition to your music library. While there is a definite ’90s feel present, Lizzard is undoubtedly a modern tune that will ignite today’s dancefloors. Be sure to pick up the entire Lizzard EP on Beatport which includes Get Inside, a Beatport exclusive!

Purchase Here

DISTRKT – Be With Me (Thanos T Remix)

Not to detract from DISTRKT’s original, Greek house producer Thanos T.’s newly deepened bass better complements the sensual, R&B vocal. The up and coming Aegean manages to elevate Be With Me without compromising the essence of DISTRKT’s indie/nu disco original.
Purchase Here

George Privatti & Guille Placencia – Kebap (DJ PP Remix) [La Pera]

DJ PP’s remix of Privatti and Placencia’s energetic tribal track is the latest release from Spanish label La Pera Records. While the original’s Middle Eastern influence is quite bold, DJ PP’s remix is a slightly slower, more toned-down version. The British DJ’s subtle use of the original track’s haunting Arabic vocals transforms the energetic original into a more versatile song.
Purchase Here

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[TECHNO] PumpkinG – Confuse Ray (Original Mix)

We all know techno is slowly but surely coming back! With artists like Gasselfelstein and Brodinski putting it back up on the map, there is no way it won't be the next EDM trend (in my opinion). With that being said, more and more underground producers are having a try at this lost gem of a genre. I've been sent countless techno tracks but none have caught my eye (more like ear) more than this beautifully structured track by Miami producer, Pumpking. It starts with a fairly simple drum loop and it slowly starts progressing into the amazing track that it is. The growls in the second break down at first sort of catch you by surprise. But that's the great part about it! This track makes sure you pay 100% full attention to it. It wants you to listen to every layer. That's what makes this track so different. That's what makes this track post worthy.


Russian native Boris has been around the New York nightclub scene representing the deep techno sounds of the city. His residency in several nightclubs like Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy has expanded his craft of DJ-ing and has earned him several award nominations for his productions. Since his New Generation EP, which was released through Sci+Tec, the label is eager to release his latest EP.

“Engage” is the first track from the Hybrid  EP, the track builds up an intense riff which blend the deep vocals that heighten the staccato. “Hybrid” has the right amount of kick drums and abrasive hi-hats sounds that mix together into a progressive thumping groove. The last track from the EP, "Drones", includes a heavy and warped basslines that mingle with the looping vocals.

Boris is known for his innovating productions as he always sticks to his underground roots that revolve around his dance floor dynamics that never fail for his fans. His new Hybrid EP is available for purchase through Beatport and on iTunes 1/16/2014.

Gridlock’s NYE ELECTRO/HOUSE/TECHNO Pack – Maison Sky, Jan Driver, Nopopstar, Reloke, My Digital Enemy, David Penn, Toni Bass, Deux, Angel Stoxx, Going Deeper Maximus Bellini, AFRIAT, Thomas Krauze, Cause and Affect

So unfortunately I was unable to bring these to you before Christmas due to family excursions but maybe that was a good thing since now you can focus on your New Years festivities! I've got everything up and above that 120 tempo, this shit is sure to make things hype. Enjoy!

Download Thomaz Krauze feat. Stee Downes I'm Still Standing (Going Deeper remix)

Download David Penn, Toni Bass, Deux Sun Rising Up (My Digital Enemy Remix)

Download Nopopstar feat. Reloke Phenomenon (Original Mix)

Download Maximus Bellini, AFRIAT Monster Sound (Original Mix)

Download Cause & Affect Ironside

Download Angel Stoxx, Drew Let Go (Trying to Let Go Stoxx Remix)

Download Maison Sky Mode

Download Jan Driver Rattlesteak

Dive Into The Deep 04

Already fours weeks into our newest weekly series, Dive Into The Deep, and the feedback has been tremendous. We’re thrilled that you guys have been feeling all the techy tunes we’ve been throwing your way. From the bottom of our heart, we want to thank you for opening your hearts (and ears) to the underground styles of EDM.

So without further ado, we’re about to launch you into the new year with a five-pack of house and techno dancefloor-heaters. Given the sizable number of new tracks on the Beatport market, it was tough to pose this week’s selections. Nonetheless, grab your headphones, and dive right in.

Patrick M – Papillon (Original Mix) [Incorrect]
Based out of South Florida’s tight-knit nightlife community, Cocodrills’ Incorrect label has featured some of the finest representatives from the local scene since its digital inception back in 2009. With its latest single from Space Miami resident Patrick M, the homebred imprint revisits the classic house roots that initially sparked its momentum over four years ago. Press play, and take a stroll through the groovy past.
Purchase Here

Lula Circus – Unable To See (FreakMe Remix) [Suruba]
With a string of notable releases already hosted on Diynamic and Get Physical, Italian producer FreakMe is no newcomer to the deep house game. Curious as to what all the buzz is about? Then check out his newest studio work–a smooth-paced remix for the duo Lula Circus, gracing their Zero EP with a touch of tripped-out rhythms and dazzling chords.
Purchase Here

SimonV – Endless Silence (Original Mix) [Circles]
It doesn’t take an extravagant reputation for a producer to conceive a solid record in the modern music industry, and SimonV’s scintillating new original is proof. Dually progressive and mysterious in nature, Endless Silence restores a sense of beauty and harmony to the house music genre, and we couldn’t be any more thrilled about it.
Purchase Here

Pattern Drama feat. Faux – Oceans Part (Original Mix) [Touch Of Class]
It would be highly improper for an imprint dubbed “Touch Of Class” to present listeners with anything other than their title’s promising implications. Thus, its newest signee, Brooklyn-based duo Pattern Drama, reveals a tantalizing deep tech gem off their latest EP, Sweet Romance. Just get a whiff of the track’s wondrous layers of vocals and drums, and float away to house heaven.
Purchase Here

HearThuG feat. My Favorite Robot – Dancing On A Grave (Original Mix) [My Favorite Robot]
We just can’t get enough of MFR or their promising, self-titled label either. As the most recent contributor to their outstanding record agency, Tunisian producer HearThuG teams up with the three robots to assemble a heavy-hitting acid house anthem, Dancing On A Grave. Anyone in the mood for some analog loving? We sure are.
Purchase Here

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Alexi Delano Shares ‘The Art Of Collab’

Originally hailing from Sweden’s refined techno sphere, Alexi Delano has celebrated an abundant year of releases from his current headquarters in Brooklyn. Before concluding a prolific season both in the studio and on the road, the multifaceted underground stalwart introduced his latest production undertaking: The Art Of Collab.

Showcasing a trio of original collaborations, The Art Of Collab: Part One (available now) denotes the inaugural installment of an ongoing (three-fold) studio series between Alexi and his dependable artist affiliates. As an exposition of successful industry cooperation, the episodic project aims to illustrate the unexpected and meaningful outcomes of two producers sharing the creative process.

Art Of Collab One LessThan3 Alexi Delano Shares The Art Of Collab

Leading off the first edition of The Art Of Collab, Alexi joins his fellow Swede, Par Grindvik, to deliver Subtle Breathe–an entrancing embodiment of melodic minimal. Invoking a multi-layered rhythmic format, the EP’s primary track coins its individuality from a stable alignment of several parts: rolling percussions, radiating string reverbs, and wobbling bass pulses.

The second collaborative piece features the heavy-hitting techno influences of American producer Tim Xavier. Thumping along at a vigorous 128 BPM, Relics Of The Past dons a top-heavy bassline, complemented by a slew of intermittent background samples to embroider the otherwise drum-centric formula.

Last but certainly not least, Alexi presents the EP’s designated single, She, Beautiful Affinity–an enlightening tag-team production featuring the musical prowess of Germany’s Diynamic label-member, Stimming. Sifting through the gentle sounds of softcore tech house, She, Beautiful Affinity adheres to an elegantly syncopated rhythm, while enclosing a number of quirky “bleeps” and “clicks” throughout its whimsical atmosphere.

Between the holiday madness, we got the chance to chat with Alexi about this exciting new collaborative project. Check out his personal take on The Art Of Collab below, and be sure to grab part one of three right here on Beatport.

alexi wide image1 Alexi Delano Shares The Art Of Collab

It’s been said that The Art Of Collab began as a “happy accident.” Please elaborate on the early days of the project and how it all came about.
Cari [Lekebusch] and I had been talking about me putting a project together for H-Productions for a long time, and I didn’t know exactly what type of project to work on, until this one evening: I was in the studio organizing my music computer, and I came across this folder that had been sitting there for a while named “Duets.” The folder contained loads of unfinished tracks and ideas that I had worked on with friends visiting in and staying in my apt in New York through the past five years.

How did Cari end up signing the Art Of Collab: Part One to his H-productions label? Will all three parts be hosted there?
Skipping though the projects, the idea dawned on me that this should be the project that Cari and I had been looking for. A long process of finishing them all up concluded in a three part series for H-Productions. There are actually a lot more tracks left to finish, but some of these friends are now so busy that it’s hard to move forward with them, or our styles have changed so much that there is no point of even trying to revamp the ideas. Others will slowly see the light of day on other labels.

Do you and Cari have a collaboration that we’ll get to hear soon?
As a matter of fact we do, but on a deep house tip, a la old SVEK style. I’ve been sitting on these specific two tracks for about five years, but now it’s time to get them out. They are timeless and will be coming out early next year on my label, AD limited. The EP titled ‘Senses’ will include two very nice remixes, one by Klartraum and another by Nadja Lind.

How do you feel that working with another producer affects the outcome of the musical product?
When I first started producing I preferred working alone, but I think that it was mainly so I could figure out my own style and technique before moving on and collaborating with anyone else. Nowadays, I really love working with other people and with that, many times I expand my knowledge of production technique and sound; I often learn something new. To actually sit in the studio with someone is, to me, the second half of the creative process; it always begins with a conversation that rarely is about music. Then, after that, if inspiration sparks, I’d move on to the studio.

Have you learned a thing or two from these recent collaborations?
I’ve learned, shared a lot, and I’ve seen some proper masters at work–and that is always inspiring.

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