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Pfirter – New State of Consciousness [EP]

Standing as one of South America’s leading faces in the electronic prospect for over a decade, Argentinian producer Pfirter earned his place by releasing continuously inventive music for labels such as CLR, Figure, Synewave, and Stockholm Ltd. After releasing two tasteful remixes for Drumcell’s “Disturbance” that came out last month on CLR, Pfirter finally delivers his long awaited EP, New State of Consciousness, under his own imprint—MindTrip. Already receiving heavy support from artists like DVS1, Luke Slater, and Chris Liebing, this EP will surely be a staple catalog found in many DJ record bags.

Track title “New State of Consciousness” does not sell itself short and certainly works as a mind-altering tune. Echoing through, one of the most driving agents in this track—aside from the engineering sounds of the built-in industrial repository—comes from the assertive entity talking through the middle of it.

As the song maintains a rumbling consistency, the hypnotics lock in to an irreversible height once the talking begins. “Iteration” drops in with a punchier sound that retorts the former perfectly. With repetitive developments intact, there’s never a moment that feels too familiar or static through its span. Always evolving within the demesne, “Iteration" fits in perfectly as a peak-time club hit. “All You Need is Volt 1” focuses less on full contortions, yet manages a frenzying reaction with a built-in mass that makes for a lasting impression.

Out now both on 12” and digital formats, pick up New State of Consciousness if you’re up for the ride. Also, for those of you wanting to get a full experience of the damage Pfirter does on the decks, you’re in luck. With gigs ranging from venues within Europe and the Americas for this year, check out his page (listed below) to find out when he’s coming to a city near you.




New State of Consciousness [EP]

  • MindTrip
  • 2013-08-27


Daily Newsbyte 8.28

Hey, that’s my car! Get outta there, Flying Lotus! you owe me one window, man…

We’ve got official word on the FlyLo-curated radio station on the new Grand Theft Auto game, new music from Bro Safari and Space Laces, a remix EP from Kill The Noise and an album from Mat Zo, and way more in today’s Newsbyte.

FlyLo Caught Planning GTA

A few weeks ago, we heard bits and pieces of a new radio station manned by one Flying Lotus. While this is true, the station won’t be on radio services, digital or otherwise.

As they like to do, Rockstar Games commissioned The Brainfeeder boss to create a radio station for their next GTA installment, Grand Theft Auto V, that is representative of LA’s current music scene, and who better to do it than FlyLo?

After fans assumedly made a unified and fervent request for the material, he replied:

Once the game is out, expect some of the radio material to surface in one way or another.

MEMF Slates A Date

MEMF Daily Newsbyte 8.28

Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival is like the dark chocolate of dance music festivals in the US. It’s not for everyone, and newbies likely won’t find it as delicious to their less-than-seasoned musical tastebuds as the headliner-fueled EDCs and EZoos, but once you’re sick of eating milk chocolate with the kids, the complex notes of purist techno and house curated each year by Paxahau at MEMF will make you melt.

No lineup has yet been announced for next year’s fest, but we’ve got the dates confirmed for May 24-26, 2014 back at Hart Plaza in Detroit. Get more info here, and check back for a lineup undoubtedly covered in house music with a creamy techno center.

Bro Safari x Space Laces = $free.99

fang banger bro safari space laces Daily Newsbyte 8.28

Louisville local Space Laces teamed up with moombah monsignor Bro Safari for a free slapper for your speakers, titled Fang Banger. The jam is a rowdy breaks-inspired number along the lines of what we’ve heard from Dog Blood as of recent, yet with that unmistakable Bro and Laces bounce. As far as a genuine description goes, we aren’t sure how to label this thing. It’s a tempo that, according to Mr. Safari, “works with trap, kuduro, dubstep and things like that, but it doesn’t really sound like any of those things either.”

At any rate, pick it up here for free.

Mat Zo Offers Damage Control

mat zo damage control Daily Newsbyte 8.28

Fresh off his latest jam, Pyramid Scheme with Chuck D, Mat Zo announced today that his debut artist album, Damage Control, will be out “soon” on Astralwerks. Stream a short (and not what you expect) teaser of the album and sign up for more info here.

The Zo will also be heading out on a world tour, including a North American bus tour and a launch party in London. Subscribe to the above-linked list for info as soon as it becomes available.

The Rock Is Hot

burning man arial Daily Newsbyte 8.28

After the first of the burners left their homes for Black Rock City, reports from The Playa came back warning of increased police presence at the traditionally law enforcement-free event (save for Black Rock Rangers).

Stoney Roads reports that the presence of local and Nevada state law enforcement at Burning Man is making people nervous, not to mention their checkpoints and alleged threats of violence against a historically non-violent and self-policing event.

In response, activist group RIOT (Reform In Our Time) released a statement:

“RIOT is a quiet organization of people who feel that there are certain issues at Burning Man that need to be addressed . . . Our demands are simple: We want law enforcement excluded . . . People at Burning Man have each other to rely on, and they have Black Rock Rangers. We don’t need outside law enforcement, and we can call them if we do . . . It’s all about money in the end. We could find a different way to pay the powers that be, though. A way that doesn’t involve filling our city with police officers from other cities when there’s no emergency . . . If the cops would leave their badges and guns at home like everyone else in BRC, we’d welcome them just like we welcome anyone else. We’d even build them a Donut Camp!”

RIOT plans for all workers who are not critical to public safety to strike on the Friday of the festival. “We call on all our sisters and brothers to spread the word and honor the strike. Friday at dusk, without violence, we take our city back!”

Not sure how the local badges will respond to this, but we imagine we echo most sentiments by saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fill it with cops.

Can’t make it out to the desert? UStream has you covered. Catch some of the action from The Playa live here.

Black Magic Is Better With Friends

kill the noise black magic remixes ep Daily Newsbyte 8.28

One of the busiest men in bass music right now, Kill The Noise dropped a highly efficient, deeply heavy minimix for his upcoming Black Magic Remixes EP, packing previews of nine noteworthy numbers from names like Bro Safari, UFO!, Kill Paris, Brillz, and more into the teaser.

Pick it up when it’s available Sept. 3, and scope the entire tracklist below.

Not a bad idea.

Sounds good. Don’t forget the bass-heads, though.


1. Kill The Noise & Brillz & Minxx – Saturn (Kill Paris Remix)

2. Kill The Noise – Mosh It Up (Henry Fong Remix)

3. Kill The Noise – Rockers (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

4. Kill The Noise & Brillz & Minxx – Saturn (GTA Remix)

5. Kill The Noise feat. Mercedes – Jump Ya Body (LOUDPVCK Remix)

6. Kill The Noise & Feed Me – Thumbs Up (For Rock N’ Roll) (Kill The Noise Remix)

7. Kill The Noise feat. Mercedes – Jump Ya Body (Exmag Remix)

8. Kill The Noise – Black Magic (Jonah Kay & Dead The Noise Remix)

9. Kill The Noise – Talk To Me (Brillz Remix)

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Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

Each Labor Day Weekend, Made Event pulls out all the stops to surpass prior years’ top-tier lineups and over-the-top shenanigans, and 2013 is bringing the best additions yet–five immense stages, two of which are mega main stages. In the weeks leading up to the big five-year celebration, LessThan3 has gathered a few must-see artists during this year’s three-day festival weekend. So before you start in on our day 3 picks below, take a look back to our must-see artists during day 1 and day 2.

Diplo [Main Stage East]

diplo sweet nothing calvin harris florence welch lessthan3 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

An internationally recognized dance music leader responsible for curating some of most cutting-edge DJs and producers on his musical movement, the Mad Decent label boss Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, has been blowing up in the music circuit for some time now. The last few years have been spent headlining wild world tours and releasing hundreds of chart-topping hits, and now the man who has helped you Express Yourself through twerking is headlining one of two dynamic main stages for a live performance full of fresh beats and undoubtedly lots of booty. Also announced is his attempt to get 50 girls twerking onstage during his performance in an attempt to break (or create) a new world record. Wanna be one of those ladies? Be 18+ and email twerk4diplo[at]gmail[dot]com. Need to rehearse? Check out 15 people twerkin‘ for Diplo and get ready to twerk your a$ses off this weekend.

Armin van Buuren [Main Stage West]

armin van buuren lavo ny lessthan31 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

Don’t act as if you need an explanation as to why seeing the world’s #1 DJ live on the Electric Zoo main stage is a must, when we all know this goes without question. Countless number-one hit singles, the A State of Trance radio show and concert series, a new album, the upcoming Universal Religion 7 compilation, and the list goes on and on (and on). When it comes to bright lights, clear-cut sound, a killer track selection unique from other main stage performers, and all-around outstanding event production, no one does it quite like Armin van Buuren.

Adam Beyer [Sunday School Grove]

20130826 193125 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

At the close of this Electric Zoo weekend, get ready for a Sunday school lesson that you will not forget. Drumcode leader Adam Beyer is taking over the tent this Sunday, and he’s bringing some of his bass-iest disciples along for the ride. With his recent drum-heavy releases on 10 Years Of SW4, expect all drums, all bass, all Sunday long with Adam, Victor Calderone, Ida Engberg, Nicole Moudaber, Joel Mull, Paul Ritch, and a very special live performance from Joris Voorn. If you’re looking for some ravenous techno thunder at an open-air festival to twiddle and toy with your daytime senses, then pack your school bag, and get ready for a lesson.

Fedde Le Grand [Hilltop Arena]

Fedde Le Grand1 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

If there’s one man made to play huge outdoor festivals, it’s long-term leader in house music Fedde Le Grand. Known for his artistically loud and creative electronic music, Fedde is praised by countless fans and fellow artists as one of the single most defining figures in house music. His latest collaboration with Michael Calfan unleashes the Lion (and the love) within Fedde, so get ready for an unforgettably heart-pounding Zoo experience. Fedde will also be playing the offical Electric Zoo afterparty at Pacha.

Chase & Status [Riverside]

20130826 193435 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

This year, the Riverside tent is going through some exciting changes. Each day, a different label takes over to present some of their hottest must-see acts. On Sunday, get ready for the Dim Mak takeover, featuring top-of-the-line names in dance music like Clockwork, Felix Cartal, Autoerotique, and the phat, fresh British duo Chase & Status. Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) together with MC Rage & Andy Gangadeen make up the electronic band whose live performances are full of high energy, cross-genre music, and tons of surprises. With two star-studded studio albums on their plate, featuring collaborations with major artists such as Plan B, Cee Lo Green, Rihanna, and Tinie Tempah, the boys now hit Electric Zoo before their brand new Machine Tour takes off this fall.

Bonus – Yolanda Be Cool [Riverside]

Yolanda Be Cool DCUP1 Electric Zoo: 5 Must See Acts [Day 3]

If you’re looking for truly outlandish zoo fun, check out Australian underdogs Yolanda Be Cool, an electronic dj duo made up of Sylvester Martinez, aka Andrew Stanley, and Johnson “Durango Slim” Peterson. What started as an innocent collaboration to sample 1956 Neapolitan language hit Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano turned into the hit dance single We No Speak Americano, released on the duo’s indie label, Sweat It Out, and the rest, my friends, is history. If you’re looking for a live performance that thinks outside the box, don’t miss Yolanda Be Cool, and keep an eye out for their cover version of Ace of Base All That She Wants featuring Cedric and Fritz from Azari & III, coming out soon on Dim Mak.

If you animals haven’t done so already, get your last minute Electric Zoo tickets here. See you on the dancefloor!

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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Our good homies DJ Skeet Skeet aka Yung Skeeter & Wax Motif have teamed up to do a colossal 2-track EP and we’re getting the exclusive sneak-premiere of the EP’s diabolical techno b-side called “Hush Hush” before its released tomorrow on Dim Mak Records!

Producers YUNG SKEETER and WAX MOTIF join forces on the 2-track release “Next To Me.” Two monstrous sounds collide on this release, packing a double punch with tracks “Next to Me” featuring Nevaeh and “Hush Hush,” bringing forth music that is as brisk as it is fiery hot. “Next To Me” takes listeners on a new high built with an aggressive electro crunch smoothed out by airy female vocals. “Hush Hush” delves into deeper house territory with a pinch of the trademark Dim Mak electro sound.

Wax Motif on

Yung Skeeter on


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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Producers out there! Do you want a release on the infamous german electro/techno label “Maehtrasher” alongside death techno master Rob de large and some big name remixers?

No problem, we’ve got an exclusive remix competition lined up to let you show us what you can do…  Remix one of Robs two originals, send a soundcloud-link per email to (Deadline: September 10th) and the best remix of each of the two originals gets released.  BUT WAIT – in addition to the remix, one of these two winners will get an original released on Mähtrasher Records. Rob de Large and label boss aUtOdiDakT will listen to every entry and personally pick the winners.


1. Download the stems and remix one of Robs two originals, send the soundcloud-link per email to (deadline: September 10th).

2. You can make it a secret or a public soundcloud link, but strictly NO DOWNLOAD. Entries which are downloadable on soundcloud for anyone will be ignored.

3. Prepare a 24bit WAV or AIF-File with -6db headroom and no compression or limiter on the master in case you get chosen for the release because the release will get a professional mastering. For the entry itself and the soundcloud upload you can use this unmastered version you prepared or make your own mastering just like you want, but your own mastering is not relevant for the contest and the result. If you are chosen you will be asked for that unmastered file anyway.

4. Hopefully land your remix on Rob de Larges eagerly awaited new EP on one of the hottest european labels for dark electro and techno in a row with other remixers who already dropped releases on other prestigious labels.
(Official remixers TBA)

Rob De Large – Jacques Nh2
Rob De Large – N.Y.H.

Rob De Large on


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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Our friends over at Prep School Recordings continue their spotlight of rising talent with the LA techno young gun Modus. His self-titled EP was released today, featuring 3 originals that boast a huge tech house sound. The EDC Discovery Project winner displays an homage to European greats and a fresh take on the time-tested genre. Fans of Mark Knight, UMEK and Pleasurekraft will be all over these tracks, so check it out below and grab the free bootleg remix as well!


Modus on
Prep School


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A Conversation with Claude VonStroke

Amidst the pleasantly chaotic weekend known as HARD Summer, we had the fortune of sitting down with house music legend, Claude VonStroke, to discuss the significance of owning and operating the first US label to have its own stage at the festival. He shed some light on where he thinks the next evolutionary change in dance music will take us, and even gave us a glimpse into what his future as an artist looks like.

To give you a taste of what the Dirtybird Players stage looked and sounded like, we've included tracks and mixes arranged in a way to simulate the set times of that glorious Sunday. At the bottom, you'll also find a preview of the track "Dood" Claude mentions during our conversation. We present, in all his musical glory, Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird Players:

Earmilk: First off, congratulations on the Dirtybird stage; first US label to have a stage at HARD Summer. Considering the size and influence this festival has, what do you think this means for the future of dance music and deep/tech house?
Claude VonStroke: Hopefully it means good things for us, I don't know what it means for everybody else [laughs]. I think that people are starting to come around to deep house. It takes a long time. You could see it in the first big wave when it started out super trancey with Sasha and Digweed. Then people came back from that into house, even Sasha and Digweed, with tech house. My prediction is that all the kids that saw the giant brostep hammer come down will eventually go back to house music. That stuff was really out there so it will take some time, but they will have been...17 when they first heard that, so by the time they turn 22 they will come back, guaranteed.

EM: Do you think deep house will come first, or tech house.
CVS: Well, deep house is already here. I think Jamie Jones is probably making a lot of money [laughs]. I think that, if history is correct, we're going to go into techno now. We'll then filter out of techno and get into some funk. it will go back to tech house, then back into deep house.
EM: How does it feel to have the whole Dirtybird family together for this festival?
CVS: It's really cool! I think it's great to have everybody play. I haven't actually seen any of them yet, though [laughs]. I mean, it's not like we all just hang out all day since it's such a 12-hour day, but to know that we're pushing our thing the whole day is really awesome.
EM: How close of a family is the label?
CVS: Some of the people are closer than others, like we started our party in 2003 with just me, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, and Worthy, then J Phlip came into it a few years later. That group was super tight. Then some of the European guys came in after that and they're still really tight with us, but we don't see them everyday.


EM: Is there anything in LA that has recently piqued your interest, in terms of artists and events?
CVS: I've always been a big fan of The Gaslamp Killer. He's an awesome performer.
EM: His strangeness is great. Really out there.
CVS: I think that Brainfeeder is the big crew in LA, in my opinion. If we were going to say Dirtybird is the crew in San Francisco, I would say Brainfeeder is LA in that sort of quasi-underground-maybe-overground-you-don't-really-know kind of way.
EM: Is your own music influenced by what they're doing?
CVS: Definitely. I get influenced by everybody. The Gaslamp Killer album was really out there, like super weird.
EM: I was actually listening to that on the way here. The track where his mother is talking on the phone is great.
CVS: That's definitely the best one.

EM: Do you prefer playing big festivals like HARD or the intimate feel of the small venue, like a club in SF?
CVS: I prefer...well it's tough to say what you prefer. Yeah, if I was just going to play The Sandbox I'd prefer a 300-person club with no lights, but nobody's going to pay me to go do that.
EM: I'd imagine it gets tougher to make decisions like that as your career progresses.

EM: In terms of your production setup, what is the next planned equipment upgrade or what have you recently purchased that you're really excited about?
CVS: I added that little Arturia MiniBrute to make a lot of the weird sound effects in this track "Dood" that's coming out; I think it's the best track on the album. It's a super trip-out track with a lot of weird analogue as opposed to all "in-the-box". I really like [the Arturia], but it's such a specialty piece. But my argument for buying equipment, 'cause I'll justify any way to buy stuff, is if I use it in a track and the track makes more money than the piece of equipment costs, then I'm okay [laughs].

EM: Silly question, but hard-synth of soft-synth?
CVS: I like playing a hard synth, but if I want to be able to mess with it later the soft synth is so much easier. You can definitely get luckier with hard synth—more happy accidents.
EM: You have a lot of happy accidents?
CVS: Oh yeah, definitely. One of the best features in Ableton is that you can take a bass line from a scrapped track and bring it into new projects. You can be like, "Oh my god, I made that song and it didn't work at all, but that bass line may work with this new one!"

EM: Favorite synthesis/sound engineering program?
CVS: I'm not really sure which one is my favorite, but I really like Rob Papen Subbombass. I used it a lot on the upcoming album for bass lines. Just solid bass, no frilly bullshit. It has a little bit of top-end, also, so you can hear it on the radio.
EM: Awesome. Thanks for sitting down with us in the midst of all the festival chaos!

Friday Favorites 17

It’s Friday Favorites again, back with the 17th edition of the cream of the LT3 music collection from week to week. Enjoy.

Josh Bennett

Booty Bass | Panteros666 – Porteciel [Bromance]

I wasn’t really sure what genre to label this track, as it’s kind of all over the place, but in the best way possible. Club Cheval and Bromance cohorts Panteros666 have created a fascinating track with Porteciel, and it’s part of an even more fascinating EP on Bromance Records, which you can sample here. I love using this track as a set opener.

Nathan Codd

Indie Dance/Nu Disco | Realboy – In A Rush ft. Jeffrey Heller (NITEPPL Remix) [Temple]

Back with more music by which to strut down the street b*tchslapping strangers, Bay Area relative newcomer NITEPPL dropped another dark, dirty indie dance number with his remix of Realboy’s In A Rush with heavy techno influences and that signature, cranking NITEPPL bassline. Pick it up here, along with other remixes on the In A Rush Remix EP.

Ilenia Cangelosi

Tech House | Way Out West – Killa (Guy J Remix)

This week, I’ve had to the new Balance Series mix on repeat thanks to the ingenious work of Bedrock‘s Guy J. Thirteen tracks of deep tech house perfection, but Way Out West‘s Killa (Guy J Remix) holds all of my attention with big room bass and bewitching, echoing vocals for a full on killer track. Purchase Balance Presents Guy J in the Balance online store today.

Chris Porter

Drum & Bass | Spectrasoul – Memento (dBridge Remix) [Shogun Audio]

Former Bad Company member dBridge reworks Spectrasoul’s Memento into a smooth, R&B roller that’s more soothing than crashing waves on a sandy beach. Make sure to turn this one up to feel the full splendor of the punchy bass. The remix of Memento is part of the Spectrasoul Delay No More remix album out via Shogun Audio. Head over to Beatport and check out the rest of the remixes and pick up a copy–it’s a must have!

Jon April

House | Bonnie McKee – American Girl (Oliver Remix) [Epic Records]

I’d be lying if I said I don’t get giddy every time Oliver puts out something new. A few days ago, they released a remix of Bonnie McKee’s song American Girl, which to be honest, I had not heard before the remix. After listening to the original, I was surprised that they remixed it, although in their usual Oliver fashion, they added some of the cleanest vibes imaginable and turned the pop song into a surprisingly fun and danceable track. Download it for free here.

Jesse Champagne

Trap | Skrillex & Kill The Noise & 12th Planet – Right On Time (Alex Young Remix)

Is it worth it? let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Alex Young is back with a brand new trap remix of Right On Time, the hard-hitting collab between Skrillex, 12th Planet, and Kill The Noise. Put simply, it’s a grimy remix that will have you shaking that booty. I’ll be damned if I didn’t drop it low for a sec. It’s also free to download, so grab it here.

Jorge Meza
Electro | Busy P – Pedrophilia [Ed Banger]

France’s Ed Banger Records is one of the most influential labels in electronic music. I recently had the pleasure of photographing their 10-year anniversary showcase, which included an all-star lineup of Busy P, Justice, Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, and Feadz. It was pure nostalgia taking me back to my early party days in 07. In celebration of their 10th anniversary here is my favorite track produced by none other than owner and founder Busy P.

Mike Davies

Trance | James Dymond – Slingshot [Monster Digital]

A great bit of banging trance with equal doses of uplifting and hardstyle all in one track. With releases on a multitude of labels, Slingshot is James Dymond’s first release on Monster. It’s a perfect example of the label’s style, keeping the harder side of trance alive while also featuring a solid and catchy melody. Slingshot is a perfect peak-time track for those DJs looking to keep the energy, and BPM, at a more exciting pace.

Chris Downar

Deep House | Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy – Look Around You (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) [Golden City]

I can’t deny it any longer. I’ve fallen madly in love with Róisín Murphy’s voice in the Maxxi Soundsystem remix of Look Around You by Boris Glugosch. Her sincere lyrics are full of beauty, and the track overall is extremely hypnotic. Available here on Beatport.

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Cassy Mixes Fabric 71

Accounted as one of the “25 DJs that rule the world” by Rolling Stone, Cassy Britton is a rare diamond in dance music music today. She’s achieved worldwide admiration and respect from top artists and fans alike, with a popularity that grows as rapid as her resume. With a revered discography, major releases on labels like Cocoon, Souvenir, Panoramabar, and residencies at nightlife hierarchies like Trouw in Amsterdam, Rex Club in Paris, and Output in New York, Cassy has certainly earned her stripes and given the industry’s men a run for their consoles. Now she has exceeded in her role of mixing the latest Fabric compilation.

Fabric 71 takes listeners on an immersive journey into the raw, unadulterated rhapsody of Cassy Britton. In Cassy’s own words, “the tracks on the mix all represent what I love about electronic music, and what I love playing. Simply, each track is individually beautiful–there is not much more to add. All of the producers are special in their own way. The project has come at a perfect time for me in terms of me being able to communicate where I am at artistically. I have aimed to get back to the roots of what this should be about for every DJ–namely playing records for the love of playing records–and not because of anything else.”

Livio Improta’s Mare010 sets like a subtle temptress with spiral synths and soft, jazz-like bassline, before tracks like John Talabot’s When The Past Was Present and 010x’s Benjamin Damage take us into the sincere depths of Cassy’s touch–sultry, ambient soundscapes that melt the senses. When the lights hang low and the atmosphere is heavy, look to Basic Soul Unit’s For Some for rattling synths and crisp drums.

Before the soft whispers fully carry you away, Britton returns to her techno routes with the dark thunder of Emptyset’s Completely Gone, Affie Yusuf’s Bring You Techno, Marco Zenker’s ethereal Landwehr, and the piercing synths and bouncy bass of Losoul’s Brain Of Glass. For a jazzy twist, the sublime vocals of Duster Valentine’s (My Back) Is Against The Wall take our ears back to that favored ’90s house vibe. If you’re looking for a good reason to lose yourself in Fabric 71, Cassy gives you seventeen.

For a taste of what is to come, listen to a snippet of Cassy’s recent performance at Output Brooklyn here, and pre-order Fabric 71 at the Fabric online store before its release on August 19th. If you’re in the UK area, join Cassy, Craig Richards, Basic Soul, and more for the official launch party at Fabric nightclub on Saturday, Aug. 17.

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Property of Gotta Dance Dirty

Our San Diego friends Dimeuhduzen have finally found a home for their new single ‘RNSSNS’ on Circuit Freq Records, a monster of a track already supported by the likes of Brodinski, Sound Of Stereo, Turbo Turbo and TJR. The track is full fledged barrage of industrial techno that stabs and strikes all the way to the bitter end. Listen below and pick it up today on Beatport!


Dimeuhduzen on


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