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[DOWNLOAD] Mr. Oizo – Amicalement EP

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Ed Banger’s Mr. Oizo is giving away his new EP, Amicalement, today for free via his website, featuring 4 new tracks from the Frenchman including his creepy collaboration with Marilyn Manson which premiered on Rolling Stone last week titled “Solid.” All 4 tunes are extremely different, from the banging Techno in “Solid” to the feel good Disco vibes in “Lovin’.” Go download it here. √+


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The Japanese Popstars Are Back In Town

For those looking for a more exotic take on contemporary electro house, look no further than the newest EP from The Japanese Popstars, out now on Bedrock Records. The release comes complete with two remixes and a b-side, and well, they’re all just fantastic. As the name might suggest, Disconnect/Reconnect pulls your mind in opposite directions, suspending the psyche in a conflicting sort of headspace, while still sporting the traditional elements of house music. It’s sort of like a rollercoaster that never slows down, but also one that never quite makes it back down to the ground.

In the first remix, Maxime Dangles optimizes the original for a big room type of playback, but Proxy takes a different approach altogether. He takes all of the manic properties of the original, throws the traditional feel out the window, and applies some fat booty bass that shakes you from the core. This one is not for the faint of heart. The Knock rounds out this release, another powerful bassline, a bit creepy even, like something you’d hear at a rave after even the promoters have gone to bed. Beatport has it, but don’t forget to hit up their SoundCloud to sample what else they’ve been working on.

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Exchange LA ft. Magda and Blond:ish

Exchange LA, one of the top clubs in the nation continues to host insomniacs' Inception weekly event. A premiere club where you are transported into an EDM wonderland. Exchange LA is an exclusively 21+ venue that always has top talent from around the globe come to Los Angeles and rock the night away. This saturday Inception will feature Detroit native Magda giving us her native sound of techno and minimal beats. Blond:ish will be also be rocking the decks and this female duo from the UK will be an act to remember. Expect many good vibes this night!

Sometimes carrying cash just to pay for entrance can be a hassle, especially when your buying drinks and paying for parking with your card. Good thing Exchange LA has a solution! You can purchase your tickets in advance online [HERE]. They even offer you VIP tickets that allow you to enjoy a hosted bar with patio access exclusively for VIP! See you there!



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Riding huge energy from the monumental sets performed in Las Vegas @ EDC, the HARD pool party and the secret Hard To Leave event, the techno tyrant Boys Noize just dropped his GO HARD EP on his own imprint, BoysNoize Records. The much anticipated release had teased us with the title track weeks ago, but now fully unleashed the rest of the bundle this week. A concoction of acid, rave, breaks, techno, disco, and hip-hop, the 5-track EP comes full circle for the summer madness already upon us during this festival and pool party season. Listen to them all below, and pick it up today on Beatport and iTunes!

Boys Noize on


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Robert Babicz Sees Disguises In The Skies

Intense imagery has always been a part of house and techno culture, and Robert Babicz’ new album, The Owl And The Butterfly, is no exception. The name itself presents the idea of two sky-bound animals, both known for their excellent ability to blend into their surroundings, but where does electronic music come into play here? The German-based producer, originally from Poland, lets his imagination unravel as he takes you on a journey through various doors of perception, allowing you to hear and feel the sounds and sensations that these beautiful creatures have experienced. Babicz takes a very interesting approach with this album, using a different Dream Sequence to transport you from one track to the next. These short, complex intervals bring to mind the concept of transportation–reminiscent of swimming or flying, or even just dissolving into thin air. This is what dreams are made of.

To get a feel for how this album moves you between so many unique environments, turn your attention to Crazy. Moscow’s own Ira Ange makes her presence known on this album with her beautiful, lacy voice elevating every listener to a higher plane. Dream Sequence 4 then brings us in with a soft landing to our next destination, Bensberg, an old town outside of Cologne, the city which Robert Babicz calls home. It really makes you wonder just how many different places can you visit in just one trip? Hit up Beatport to see for yourself what is so brilliant about Systematic Recordings’ latest album, The Owl And The Butterfly.

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Boys Noize – Go Hard [EP]

2013 so far might be most well-known as the year that genres died, and the latest five-track EP from Boys Noize keeps that narrative going strong. After spending the better part of the last year dedicated to a live tour as well as hisDog Blood side project, Boys Noize is back with Go Hard, a release of original material that sample a variety of genres.
Originally teased out weeks ago, “Starwin” is the first offering from the German producer and is a departure from his heavy-hitting electro, sampling happy disco melodies with 90’s Daft Punk style acid blips. Next up is the title track “Go Hard," dropping wonky basslines and 808s underneath a Kreayshawn vocal sample. Adding in a hardstyle drum and trap anthem gun clicks might not be expected from Boys Noize, but the gritty electro stabs keeps his influence intact. Next up are a couple of straight-edge rave tracks: “Inhale/Exhale” sounds like it’s straight out of a mid-90s warehouse party, with a raw but simple melody, while “Excuse Me” was a feature ID track in Skrillex’s recent Essential Mix and packs a hard sample from Altern8’s 1991 release “Frequency”. Rounding out the EP is “Push Em Up”, a rave rap hybrid that lays a darker, sharp melody against a simple hip hop vocal. 
All in all, it’s without question the most experimental release from Boys Noize, but breaking down the genre barrier and testing the waters of new sounds is something that we’ll always welcome. Check out the rest of the Go Hard tour dates to see these new tracks in person.

Boys Noize

Go Hard

  • Boysnoize Records

Go Hard With Boys Noize

Boys Noize’s much anticipated Go Hard EP has just been released after weeks of teasing and previews. The EP features five tracks ranging from what Boys Noize describes as “Acid Rap” in the title track to the warm disco vibes of Starwin. It’s an interesting mix of classic, hard-hitting rave music, disco, and acid techno vibes that Boys Noize has been known to infuse into each of his tracks.

A personal favorite track on the EP, and one that has been getting a lot of support in the past few months, is the summery disco Starwin. One thing that stands out about the track is that it’s much more mellow than the others on the EP, but somehow finds a way to get that Boys Noize acid into it. It’s a nice departure from the massively heavy Push Em Up and Excuse Me, although both are terrific in their own right. Lastly, there’s Inhale/Exhale, an analog techno track with intense robot voices (you can’t have a Boys Noize release without a few robot voices). There’s no melody or bassline in the track, just robot voices and robot noises.

The EP is yet another great release from the Berlin veteran who has somehow found time between constantly touring and playing festivals as both himself and Dog Blood with counterpart and fellow workaholic Skrillex.

Grab the Go Hard EP today on Beatport.

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Jimmy Edgar Makes It Hot Inside

Jimmy Edgar’s newest EP marks a very important milestone in his already successful career; it is the first release for Ultramajic, a brand new label headed by himself, Travis Stewart (Machinedrum), and visual artist Pilar Zeta. Hot Inside combines the sounds of Detroit with the attitude of Berlin, bringing fourth a new type of cool–the kind of cool you can only get after living in the underground for several months before finally peeking out to see the sun again.

Bouncy basslines define Hot Inside; they come up from the floor to your teeth in title track. Next up is Strike, with its mechanical tones laid over a tropical beat. Last on the EP is Shout, where bits of low frequency infect you from within before an electro vibe presents itself in the foreground. Keep a close watch on Ultramajic, this may just be the beginning of something great. And don’t forget to add these tracks to your library right away.

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Dog Blood Goes Wild For The Night

Skrillex’s latest Essential Mix was one of the most anticipated of recent memory as the jet-setting producer hasn’t released a ton of music recently, so it was assumed that some new tracks would be premiered during his set. Luckily listeners were not disappointed as one of the mega standout premieres was the Dog Blood remix of A$AP Rocky’s Wild For The Night.

The remix adds a heavy dose of acid-electro that falls perfectly in line with other Dog Blood tracks. It takes very little time to jump right into things and barely slows down throughout the entire track. It is also an amazing showcase of how Skrillex and Boys Noize have joined forces, as the influences from both can be heard clearly throughout.

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Interview: Bill Patrick

LessThan3: What made you get into records and spinning in the first place?
Bill: I was dating a girl and she took me to a rave. I was into punk music at the time; I wasn’t really into dancing or anything. I thought it was stupid. So this girl took me to one in Queens, I did some drugs, and that was it! At the time I had been saving money to get a house on Fire Island with my friends for the summer and I had around $2,000, but decided to buy turntables; my friends were pissed. I bought decks and a mixer and speakers and started spinning and going out to raves in Queens or Brooklyn.
LessThan3: How long ago was this?
Bill: 1998, 15 years ago.
LessThan3: And your first residency was at Limelight, right?
Bill: Yeah it was Limelight, it was for Gatecrasher, which was weird because I was shopping at Satellite Records and one of the guys from Gatecrasher came in asking if they knew any local talent, and the guy at the store pointed me out. I told them that I don’t play Gatecrasher music, that I’d be more than happy to play, but I’m not gonna play trance or anything. But they were super cool, and I did a residency there for a short while, four months. Then 9/11 happened and they ended it, but yeah, it was a great residency.
LessThan3: Is this your first time at Melodies & Memories?
Bill: Seth [Troxler] used to work here and he told me about it. The whole store, as you can see, is pretty impressive. It’s where a lot of DJs back in the day were coming and where he made his connections. There are actually a couple of funny pictures of him all skinny with super dreadlocks–he worked here for a while.
LessThan3: Did you work at any record stores?
Bill: I did for a while, in the Village, I forget the name of it. It was with Elon from Resolute. They sold mostly CDs, a couple vinyls.
LessThan3: Should young DJs keep using vinyl?
Bill: I don’t know if I have a defense for vinyl. It’s really hard actually, to play vinyl. I was just in Colombia and I couldn’t play one record even because everyone kept bumping into the booth, then in Mexico they didn’t even have turntables. I carry these f*cking things all over the world breaking my back and I can’t even play one. And if you can play one, the chances of it sounding good on a digital system is a whole other issue. Back in ’98 and early 2000s everything was analog and tuned to play vinyl, but now you’ve got all the gains maxed out and you play records and it sounds like sh*t.

I mean, I just can’t play on a computer, I think it’s terrible, but I do a USB. And I think people should definitely keep vinyl alive, but like I said, it’s not easy. I’m still able to find tracks on vinyl that I can’t find anywhere else, so that’s nice to have different music to play while everyone else is playing promos.

LessThan3: So even though you spin deep house and techno, you’re very well known for your Private Stock radio show, which is dedicated to everything great that’s not dance music.
Bill: Yeah, I’m more excited when people tell me they learned about a band from the show than someone saying “you played a good DJ set,” because that’s like, life music. House and techno is cool, I make a living off of it, but that music, you could score a movie to that sh*t. I close my eyes when I’m having depressed days and there’s a song that can be perfect for every mood. It’s important for people to listen to other genres, cause if you just listen to dance music that’s so f*cking boring. If you listen to only one thing–like hip hop or folk music–that’s boring.
LessThan3: Not many DJs branch out into that. What was the reason for making Private Stock?
Bill: I’m always searching for music like that, I listen to folk and downtempo and indie and stuff like that. Like I said, I was really into punk music when I was younger, so I have that in my blood, the bands and live performances. Over the years I’ve just started finding more of that music more interesting than dance music. I was sending it out to friends over e-mail and people on Skype, and was getting a great response.

I had a radio show in New York, Robot Radio, and it was all house and techno. But then I was like, if I’m gonna do a radio show, it’ll be more interesting when it’s non-dance music. And it’s fun because I have guests that are super excited to come and play music that they can’t play when they DJ. Stuff that they were inspired by, whether it’s Pink Floyd or Neil Young or Kurt Vile, to Grizzly Bear and Beach House, it’s interesting.

LessThan3: What advice would you give aspiring young DJs?
Bill: Some kid came up to me recently and was like, “I really wanna DJ a lot, and you’re the only one that hasn’t produced, so what advice can you give me?” And I was like, “produce.” Because it doesn’t happen anymore! It’s really hard, you know. I got lucky. I think I was just able to bullsh*t my way into getting gigs, but unfortunately now you do kinda have to produce.

It’s also important to get a crew. I always had a good crew, whether it was the 112 crew that I used to have in New York, or whether it was Seth and Ryan [Crosson] and the Visionquest guys.

LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Bill: Oh, I have a ton of songs to die to. There’s this Jon Hopkins song that’s amazing. He did it for the tsunami in Japan, they did this benefit compilation. Or probably a Philip Glass song.

Catch Bill Patrick at Verboten’s StageONE show on July 4th. Tickets here.

Photo credit: Oliver Correa

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